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Winona Van Norman Computerized Crank Balancer
Used to balance crankshafts

Airless Shot Blaster
Used for steel shot peaning parts after thermal cleaning

KI Thermal Cleaning Oven

Used for thermal cleaning before shot blasting

Mills Aluminum & Steel Heads & Decks Blocks

Surface Grinder
Surfaces Steel Heads & Exhaust Manifolds

          Sunnen Line Hone
Used for honing the mains to correct damaged main bores & align main bores

.​    Crank Grinding Machine
Capable of grinding small single cylinder cranks & up to large diesel cranks up to 44" long

Berco 650 Multi Operation Boring Machine
Bores cylinders & decks blocks

​   616 Power Hone
Precision hones cylinders of blocks

  Rotler Cylinder Boring Machine
   Bores cylinder holes & installs sleeves in   blocks

.​Peterson Berco ASV-A Valve Guide  & Seat Machine
Capable of doing large diesel heads & Multi Valves

Buffing Bench

Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner
Using sonic waves to clean aluminum & delicate parts

Sunnen VR7000 Centerless Valve Grinder
Precision grinds valves

Jet Washer
Pressure washes parts

DTS Dynamometer (DYNO)
Used to break in & test engine HP & torque of engines