Berco 650 Multi Operation Boring Machine
Bores cylinders & decks blocks

​   616 Power Hone
Precision hones cylinders of blocks

  Rotler Cylinder Boring Machine
   Bores cylinder holes & installs sleeves in   blocks

.​Peterson Berco ASV-A Valve Guide  & Seat Machine
Capable of doing large diesel heads & Multi Valves

Pro Ultrasonic Cleaner
Using sonic waves to clean aluminum & delicate parts

Buffing Bench

Sunnen VR7000 Centerless Valve Grinder
Precision grinds valves

Jet Washer
Pressure washes parts

DTS Dynamometer (DYNO)
Used to break in & test engine HP & torque of engines

Winona Van Norman Computerized Crank Balancer
Used to balance crankshafts

          Sunnen Line Hone
Used for honing the mains to correct damaged main bores & align main bores

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Surface Grinder
Surfaces Steel Heads & Exhaust Manifolds

.​    Crank Grinding Machine
Capable of grinding small single cylinder cranks & up to large diesel cranks up to 44" long

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Mills Aluminum & Steel Heads & Decks Blocks

   Jack's Engine & MACHINE

KI Thermal Cleaning Oven

Used for thermal cleaning before shot blasting

Airless Shot Blaster
Used for steel shot peaning parts after thermal cleaning